About Bridge297

Creating a better quality of life for seniors

Considering your lifestyle, health and funds available.

"It's my belief that it's important to consider what your best future might look like several years out.”

Our Goal

Our goal is to create a nonprofit organization dedicated to identifying better alternatives for seniors that want to stay in their homes longer and avoid leaving the comfort of their home, neighborhood, and friends.

We are working on creating many new low-cost "Smart Home", and "Internet of Things" (IoT) type devices more accessible to seniors.

Our Team Values and Beliefs

Trust is a gift given in return for always doing your job and always showing up. The best teams are made when everyone does their job willingly.

For a team to succeed mightily, admiration must be applied to all who do their job well and completely. A Team succeeds when each member is happily willing to do their part no matter what!

Leaders look forward: "We need to start planning for what comes next, we need a vision for after the the latest problems"