Home Assessments

Date Posted: 2022-06-21

Last Updated: 2022-06-21

We feel there may be a market to provide a service where trained personnel can work with interested parties to determine what they can do to help them stay in their home as they age. This could be a phone-in service or expand to home visits. We believe there might be a market to provide oversight and look after bringing in various vendors to show their wares and to oversee installation if the client wants to proceed.

  • If I want to live in my current home as I age, what modifications could help me remain safe? (e.g., installing handrails, a ramp, emergency response systems, etc.)

  • How will I maintain my home if I need help? Are there services available in my community? Do I have the money to pay for the services if I need them?

  • Do I need to move to a more manageable home or consider a home without stairs?

  • What are my housing options if my current home no longer suits my needs? What will be the costs?

  • As I age, can I get to the services that I need and the activities that I enjoy?

  • Am I aware of my medical conditions that could impact my ability to drive?

  • Am I aware of the signs that suggest I may need to consider retiring from driving? Do I know where to go to test my driving ability?

  • If I am no longer able to drive, do I have access to reliable and affordable alternatives in my community?

  • Will the cost of alternative transportation be more or less than owning my own vehicle?

  • What support and services are available in my community to help me with daily activities such as shopping, cleaning, yard care or snow shoveling?

  • Where can I get help with bathing, grooming or other personal support?

  • How much will these services cost?