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Exploring Elder Care Options for Seniors 

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A Canadian Non-Profit Organization identifying age in place care options for seniors

"At Bridge297 for Seniors, we’re attempting to provide insights into easy-to-use items that can be implemented in private homes, providing better options for aging"

Quality of Life Ideas for Seniors

At Bridge297 for Seniors we’re attempting to highlight new options for Elder Care by working on creating new solutions. Such as taking advantage of existing facilities and technology to develop new home-based technology, implement that technology in private homes, provide new options for seniors to age in place. As time went on, we realized with the help of some new technology we can improve our quality of life.

Bridge297 for Seniors Current and Future Plans

Broadband Network Notes

Often, gaining last mile fiber connection to major broadband hubs can be time consuming and quite expensive...

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Improving Quality of Life

The National Research Council's -  "Aging in Place Challenge" program will support a sustainable model for long‑term care...

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Helping Hands

Sometimes Friends and neighbors just show-up and help when you really need it. This photo reflects one of those times.

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